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Club Coaching


The Club has three very experienced coaches, Bill Wheatley, Don Pugh and Teresa Williams.

Bill, Don and Theresa are BDA Level 2 coaches, qualified to run level 1 and level 2 coaching courses, assess coaches taking the level 1 and level 2 courses, and, assisted by a number of enthusiastic trainee coaches, are available to assist any club player or person interested in playing bowls.


The main emphasis is on encouraging youngsters into the sport and we have a number of girls and boys who regularly attend.

Bowls can be provided and shoes are not a necessity immediately.

If you know of any friends who you can persuade to try the sport please do so. Again bowls can be provided.


The coaches will also assist experienced players who may have developed bad bowling habits, have queries about any aspect of the game e.g. measuring, change of rules, dress, game etiquette or anything else connected with the sport.


Please come along to one or a number of the coaching sessions.


Coaching Sundays, 10am – 12pm


All coaching is undertaken by qualified BDA coaches