Leominster Indoor

Bowling Club



Leagues 2016/17




1. All teams must be properly entered and paid for. The person entering a team is the Captain, who is responsible for the team.

2. A member may join a team at any time during the season. Once joined, that is the only team in that league that they can play for in that season. When you have played one game for a team you are a member of that team.

3. Sessions will last two hours or eighteen ends, whichever is first. No trial ends. No visits to the head or threes up. When the buzzer sounds to signify the last end, the jack must have been set to allow the end to finish.

4. Two points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw. Any team given a game will receive two points and five shots. The winner of a league is the team with the highest number of points. In the event of a tie on points, shot difference will be used and positive shot difference will apply.

5. All skips are responsible for making sure the cards are correct. The scorecard must be handed in at the end of each session, signed as correct by both skips.

6. If play has not commenced within 10 minutes after the start of the session, the game may be awarded to the waiting side. Both teams must pay green fees.

7. All games must be played at or before the time and date set for the session. In exceptional circumstances, a particular game may be deferred and played within 7 days, provided the League Secretary’s agreement has been obtained.

8. In exceptional circumstances leagues may be cancelled and rescheduled. This decision will be made in consultation with Centre management.

9. An end where the jack is driven by a bowl beyond the face of the bank or comes to rest beyond the boundary of the rink shall be regarded as a ‘dead’ end.



The Green fee is £5.00 for two hours.

HALO only accept debit cards for all leagues and other matches.

It would be helpful if one person could pay the total rink fee, collect the league cards and then obtain the money from the other team members.